Trucks & SUVs may be slightly higher*

Full Service Wash:      *30.00

Exterior hand wash plus; vacuum, windows, dash, console, dress tires.

Exterior Hand Wash:  *20.00

Chamois dry exterior, door jambs, clean wheels and clean exterior  windows.

Interior Detail:                   *140.00             

Full service wash clean & condition leather & vinyl.

Reconditioning Special

For car enthusiasts who own that special car.  Quoted by car, starting  at $300.


2 Step Clay Polish Wax:  *160.00 

Full Service Wash, Wax, & Clay Polish Wax for Medium Scratches, interior detail, (does NOT include carpet shampoo).

Full Detail Package:       *180.00

Above with longer lasting protection wax buff.  Top of the line package with rim polish, carpet shampoo, & interior detail.  

Express Detail:           *90.00

Full service wash plus limited spot clean interior, liquid hand wax.

Add Headlight restoration for just 30.00!